Product Overview

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml / 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Superior category olive oil, Hand Picked directly from olives & Cold extracted solely by mechanical means.
Extra Virgin is the highest oil classification. Extra virgin olive oil is simply pressed fruit juice without additives or chemical processes.
This Extra Virgin olive oil with the characteristic golden-olive green color is of the highest quality with a fruity taste and an exquisite freshly-cut olive aroma. A gourmet’s touch to the simplest of dishes. Salads, casseroles and baking rise to a new level of culinary art.
Best used to flavor
• Vegetables -cooked or raw
• Fish & Seafood – in marinades or dressings
• Meats & Poultry – in marinades, dressings and cooking
• Soups & Salads – cooked or raw

VARIETY : Koroneiki- The queen of the Greek olive varieties. It has a history of more than 10 centuries.
LOCATION : Peloponnese.
PRODUCING PARTNERS :Olive grove farmers who are dedicated to producing only the highest quality of Extra Virgin olive oil.

Comes in 250ml and 500ml packaging