Back to basics…
In Greece, food is not just a necessity, is it an integral part of our culture and everyday life. It is the art of finding joy and pleasure in simple things. Good food has always been a way to express love, share our lives with friends, bring our family together, communicate and connect.
It is a chance to celebrate the fact that we are alive. Most Greeks’ childhood is filled with memories of tastes, smells, and glorious dishes coming out of busy kitchens, festive meals among family and friends that went on merrily for hours.
It is the precious legacy of the people in the Mediterranean Sea, shaping who we are in life today in a very profound way.
GREEK FOOD SOCIETY founders reconnected with the local community, met small scale sustainable olive grove farmers, honey local artisans and traditional family run businesses.
We discovered products and raw ingredients that are a labour of love, dedication and pride that could not easily find their way to a broader public until now.
For us, GREEK FOOD SOCIETY is a personal journey. It is all about going back to what is real, simple and true.

That is why
• Greek Food Society is committed to supplying the public with high quality raw cooking ingredients from the Greek countryside.
We engage producers who grow things in the traditional ways, those who care for quality more than quantity.
• Although we aim to establish a profitable business we believe that making it healthy is good enough for us and
we are willing to share some of the benefits with our co-inhabitants of planet earth.
• Our packaging is first and foremost designed to protect the merchandize and thus the quality that the end consumer enjoys.
It is the only way to develop steady and loyal relationships with our customers.
• We price our products in the way that allows as many people as possible to include them in their every day diet.


Every product signed by Greek Food Society brings you the taste,

quality and traditional values that our mothers and their mothers before them had in their own kitchens.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml / 500ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Orange Flavored Olive Oil 250ML
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chili Pepper Flavored Olive Oil 250ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Honey from orange blossom
Greek honey
Honey from wild flowers & conifer Trees
Greek honey

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It is our aim to increase our distribution across a number of outlets and regions where our products can be purchased. If you would like a retailer near you to stock our products, or if you would like to become a stockist, please email us at  sales@greekfoodsociety.com

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